Merry Christmas!! 2011


Christmas time has to be the best time of year. The kids are off from school and college, the clean fresh chill in the air and snow on the ground makes the season perfect. Decorating the house is a must. Went with a peacock theme for the family room and red and gold for the living room. Here are some pictures.

I try to do some sort of Christmas party for my friends- whether it be a lunch time open house or a dinner party. This year decided to do it an a banquet facility because my husband wanted to call some of his staff and the thinking was that it would just be easier if it wasn’t at home. Well that was far from the truth..considering transporting decorations and food from home to the hall but for the most part there was plenty of space for the guests to move around, had  good audio-visual equipment and had plenty of seating. There always things I learn from each party as to how to improve things (next time will have 2 buffet lines!) but all in all it was fun from the planning to exection. Here are some centerpieces I made for the 15 tables. All from items I got from a craft/hobby store. Just used wrapping paper and ribbons for the center place mats, plain cardboard boxes covered with paper and ribbon and christmas tree decorations. The reindeer were on sale and the trees were made from vase filler that was already in the color of our theme—Aqua and Red and Silver  (my daughters choice…I questioned it initially but really made a difference and does go together…..not the typical green and red christmas colors) . The only bad thing was glitter got all over my kitchen and car…..I will be cleaning this up for awhile!! Party favors were a box of christmas cookies and a silver bird ornament.