Jhangri- An Indian Funnel cake

There are two versions of this bright orange colored sweet found everywhere in India’s bakeries or made fresh street side. Jilebi and Jhangri that look similar in size, shape and color. But both are made with different ingredients. Jilebi is made with all purpose flour and requires some fermentation with the addition of yeast or yogurt. Jhangri is made with a dhal or lentil called Urad dhal.
Jhangri is also thicker in texture than Jilebi.
Here is my attempt at Jhangri… The shape may not be exact but came close enough.



1 cup Urad dhal
Pinch of salt
Orange food color
Water for grinding
For Sugar Syrup:
2 c sugar
1 c water
Few cardamom pods
Orange food color
A squeeze of lemon juice

Rinse and soak urad for at least 4 hrs.
Drain water and grind in food processor with water until a smooth batter is formed.Add salt and a few drops of orange color.
Prepare syrup by combining sugar, water, color until boiling and 1 thread consistency. Add a little lemon juice to prevent syrup from crystallizing.

Now heat oil in a shallow frying pan. Put batter in a ziplock bag and make a small hole so the batter will come out in a thin ribbon.


Oil should not be too hot…. Pipe batter in a circular motion ( like a funnel cake)
Flip when puffed up and cooked. Immediately put into warm sugar syrup. Let soak for a minute or so and place on tray. Garnish with crushed nuts is wanted.




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