Bollywood in the Ballroom

This year I am on the local Indian Association board. We plan about 3-4 events per year and the first one was a potluck dinner with a Bollywood theme—Bollywood in the Ballroom. We had about 125 people come and enjoy, dinner, Bollywood charades and dancing. There was a lot of organizational teamwork involved but our Board had a blast doing it. We served things like Foot Path Falafel, Delhi Belly Chicken Curry, Veer-Zaara Veg curry, Kohinoor Pulao and Dhobhi Ghat Aloo Gobhi.

  • Here are the centerpieces we came up with that can be used for any party. I printed Bollywood movie posters onto Vellum paper ( a transparent acetate like paper that can be found at any crafts store-JoAnns, Michaels etc) I cut them out taped them into a cylinder and put a led light in the center. We chose multicolor table cloths and for the center got black poster board and trimmed the edges with plastic film reel strip. We added old DVDs and some plastic Mardi gras beads ( worked as favors too).Turned out very nicely and not costly at all.

You can use this same technique for any party… For graduations/birthdays/ anniversaries—copy pictures of the graduate or special person onto a Word document and then print them out onto the vellum paper. As your are printing the image, stand by the printer and take it out immediately as the wet ink will make the paper curl, especially darker images. Don’t touch the image as it will smudge. Place on a flat surface immediately to allow ink to dry. Cut it out and just tape the edges to make a cylinder. I printed 2 images on one sheet and the 3rd by itself and cut them out….so its a 3 sided image.

These are easy, inexpensive and personalized….all things that I love.






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