Cuisine of Spain and Portugal


I have not posted anything in awhile because I was away on vacation. We spent 10 days in Spain and Portugal. In Spain we visited Madrid, Granada, Seville and Salamanca. In Portugal we visited the southern Algarve region which included Vilamoura, Almancil, then a visit to Fatima, Avila ending in Lisbon. The cobbled pathways of Algarve region, beautiful blue and white tiles adorning every house, the red tiled roofs and the beautiful monuments, palaces, churches and Plaza Mayors of these cities were breathtaking.
I was amazed at the miles and miles of olive farms and orange orchards. Oranges are used like lemons here in the US…in sweet and savory dishes.
We went to a family run olive oil farm and saw how they processed olive oil.Also visited a Salt flat and saw the processing of Flor de Sal ( the highest grade of table salt). We drank Bica (shot size cup of pure coffee) café con leche and the famous Portuguese egg tarts (I will try to recreate this later and share the interesting history behind them in another post)
Here are some dishes we had. Paella, grilled fish, tapas, lots of Spanish Sangria and wines.